2000AD First Edition

2000 AD programme 1, 1977

2000 AD is a science fiction comic that began in 1977 and, against the odds, is still running.

After reading a newspaper article predicting a rise in public interest in science fiction, IPC employee Kevin Gosnell hit on the idea of a sci-fi comic. Editorial director John Sanders put Pat Mills in charge of the project. Early talks between Mills and John Wagner produced the ideas of reviving Dan Dare and the inclusion of a new strip named Judge Dredd.[1]

Preparations for the first issue's release coincided with moral outrage over Action, and so a number of its strips had to be reworked so as not to offend Disgusted of Tumbridge Wells.[2]


A sampling of the many strips that have appeared in the publication:

Dredd spin-offsEdit

There have also been a large number of Dredd spin-offs, often appearing in the sister title, Judge Dredd Megazine:


A large number of British comics creators have worked at 2000 AD including:


The comic has also inspired a number of small press comics:

Fanzines featuring 2000 AD characters and settings:

The active fanbase has also been inspired to produce original comics and comics magazines:

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