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AARGH cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz, 1988

AARGH (Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia) was a 76-page one-off benefit anthology published by Mad Love in 1988, raising money for pressure groups against Clause 28 of the Local Government Act, which outlawed the "promotion" of homosexuality. It was the brainchild of writer Alan Moore, who was in an unconventional relationship with his wife and their mutual girlfriend, and founded Mad Love to publish it.

Moore himself contributed an eight-page story called "The Mirror of Love", tracing the history of same-sex love in illustrated verse, with Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch providing art. Other creators included Robert Crumb, Howard Cruse, Hunt Emerson, Neil Gaiman, Dave Gibbons, Los Bros Hernandez, Garry Leach, Dave McKean, Frank Miller, Harvey Pekar, Savage Pencil, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave Sim, Posy Simmonds, Art Spiegelman, and Bryan Talbot.

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