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Cover art by Sammy Borras.

A Slice of Life is a one-shot anthology published in 2008. Focusing on the everyday lives of young adults, it was the first publication by Inspired Comics.


  • "UCAN" by Laura McNulty (script) and Sammy Borras (art): Students struggle with university applications.
  • "Last Minute Hero" by Luke Bryant: A boy's day takes an unusual turn after he misses his bus.
  • "Warped" by Jack Davies: A young man believes himself to have found his ideal woman at a nightclub.
  • "Modern Way In" by Lorna Diep: A young man looks for work to pay the rent.
  • "Dreams and Nightmares" by Harry Griffin-Hayes: A boy is chased by hideous monsters.
  • "Stranger" by Ken Hughes: Preview of the webcomic.
  • "Procrastinating" by Shazia Jubeen: A girl makes a decision between video games and homework.
  • "Early Morning" by Christopher Mason: A man has an accident heading to work.
  • "Change Me" by Jay Ottewell: A suicidal boy is visited by his imaginary friend from childhood, who helps him sort out his life.
  • "Smiling in the Heart" by Catherine Reda: A girl who has broken up with her boyfriend ruminates on her situation.