Adam Eterno is a character who first appeared in IPC's Thunder in 1970, and later, thanks to merges, in Lion (1971-74) and Valiant (1974-76). Created by Thunder assistant editor Chris Lowder and editor Jack LeGrand and initially written by Tom Tully and drawn by Tom Kerr, Adam was a 16th century alchemist's apprentice who drank the elixir of life and was cursed by the alchemist to live forever - the only thing that would release him was a mortal blow from a weapon made of solid gold. In fact, being killed by a gold weapon only sent him to live his eternal life in other times. Towards the end of the Thunder run, Francisco Solano López took over the art. Joe Colquhoun, John Catchpole, Eric Bradbury, Carlos Cruz and Colin Page also drew the strip, and Tod Cowan, Scott Goodall and Donne Avenell also wrote scripts.


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