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Trouble's a-brewin'

"Ali's Baba: the babe with the invisible bodyguard!" was a strip that ran in Sparky. [debuting in early 1970, and drawn by Malcolm Judge of Billy Whizz and Numskulls fame].  It starred one of the more peculiar double-acts of the comics scene: Baba was a toddler who tended to get into trouble, while Ali was a small, flying, invisible person in a cape who took it upon himself to look after the accident-prone mite. Part guardian angel, part superhero, and given the Arabian Nights-derived title of the strip arguably part genie, Ali was drawn with slightly thicker outlines than everyone else, presumably to denote his supernatural nature.

The strip later appeared in The Topper, and in 2003-4 was reprinted in The Dandy under the title of "Jimmy's Green Genie".[1]