Asia Alfasi (born 20 April 1984) was born in Lybia and moved to Scotland at the age of 7, and then to Birmingham in her teens. Her work brings together Islamic, Libyan, British and Japanese influences.

She won the Hi8us Midlands Stripsearch competition with her character Monir in 2003. She contributed to 50-page "JinNarration" to the Mammoth Book of Best New Manga in 2007, and her short semi-autobiographical story, "The Non-Savvy Non-Commuter", was displayed on the walls of Piccadilly Circus tube station as part of Thin Cities, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the station's opening, from 15 December 2006 to 31 April 2007.

She is working on a two-volume autobiographical graphic novel to be published by Bloomsbury.


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