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"Roy of the Rovers", one-off strip from the Daily Mail, 2011

Barrie Mitchell did a four-year apprenticeship as a comics artist with Link Studios, alongside John M. Burns. His early work was for girls' comics like Bunty (including "The Four Marys"), Mandy and Diana, and also drew for Bonanza annuals, Pow!, Wham!, Smash! ("Brian's Brain", 1966-68; "His Sporting Lordship", 1969-72) and Sparky. In 1967 he drew three motor-racing related strips, "Tales from the Tracks", "Lightning Storm" and "Drive for your Life", for Lion.

From the early 1970s he specialised in football strips, beginning with "Paxton's Powerhouse" for Scorcher and "Jack of United"/"Jimmy of City" (1970-74) for Score 'n' Roar. He went on to draw "Skipper Willie" and "Cast Iron Bull" for Wizard, "Twisty" (1976-77) and "Kid Cox" for Bullet, "Play Till You Drop" and "Look Out For Lefty" for Action, "Guts to be a Goalie". "Pickford", "Stark: Matchwinner for Hire" (1978-82) and "Superstar" for Scoop, and "Marks Brothers" and "Playmaker" for Roy of the Rovers, and he drew the lead "Roy of the Rovers" strip in 1992-93, and returned to the character in 1997. He returned to the character in a one-off strip published in the Daily Mail in 2011, written by Ian Rimmer. In 1989-90 he drew "Scorer" in the Daily Mirror.

Non-football strips he drew include "Day of the Eagle" for Battle, "M.A.C.H. 1" and "Judge Dredd" for 2000 AD, "The Lawless Touch" for Tornado, "Doctor Who" for Doctor Who Magazine, "Speed Kings" (1978-81) for The Victor, and "Knight Rider", "Worzel Gummidge", "The A-Team" and "Streethawk" for Look-In.


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