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The Twinkle incarnation of Belinda

"Belinda" was a strip that ran in Twinkle. It starred a little girl who narrated her day-to-day life in rhymes, and was drawn by Belinda Lyon.[1]

Belinda in the Bonnie Annual.

Twinkle was published by DC Thomson, but Belinda also appeared in a comic from a rival publisher - well, sort of. The Bonnie Annual published in 1975 by IPC featured a strip entitled "Belinda's Magic Bubble Mixture" about a girl who, with the help of a wish-granting pixie, could turn her soap bubbles into other objects (in this case an umbrella). This Belinda could easily be written off as a different character who coincidentally had the same name as the girl in Twinkle, were it not for the fact that both strips were by the same artist...

"Belinda's Flying Brolly"

For the sake of completion, here's another tidbit. Belinda's strip had ended by the time the 1986 Twinkle Annual came out, but yet this volume included a strip called "Belinda's Flying Brolly". This Belinda was definitely a different character, however - although, funnily enough, she also had a magic umbrella.