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Biffo the Bear on the cover of The Beano Book, 1956

Biffo the Bear first appeared in The Beano on 24 January 1948, replacing "Big Eggo" as the comic's cover feature. The strip was drawn by Dudley D. Watkins until his death in 1969, after which David Sutherland took over. In 1974 Biffo was relegated to the inner apges, replaced on the cover by Davy Law's "Dennis the Menace". Jimmy Glen took over from Sutherland in the late 1970s, and the strip was retired in 1986, after which it had been reduced to a single tier, but returned in 1989-1999 as a full-page wordless strip, mostly drawn by Sid Burgon but occasionally by Trevor Metcalfe. Biffo is no longer a regular character, but still makes occasional appearances.


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