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Cover art by Jay Ottewell; coloured by Sammy Borras.

Blob! is a comic that was published by Hi8us Midlands in 2008. It was the result of Comic Studio, a scheme set up by Hi8us for 14-19 year old comic creators in the West Midlands.

The main character in Blob! is a small, shape-shifting blob in a top hat. The comic is an "exquisite corpse", with each page created by a different contributor, and no continuity beyond the central character and the loose narrative of Blob's travels.

Blob! was put together by Sammy Borras, Alex McCarthy, Ryan Perrett, Lorna Diep, Harriet McDevitt-Smith, Jack Davies, Laura McNulty, Christopher Mason, Claire Higgins, Eve Acton, Jay Ottewell, Catherine Reda, David Hanson, Ricky Lowe, Shazia Jubeen, Siâm Javaid, Luke Bryant, Ken Hughes, Joban Lawrence and Harry Griffin-Hayes, with Jemima Cattel, John McCrea, Andi Watson and Hunt Emerson overseeing the project.

A number of the creators involved in Blob! would go on to set up Inspired Comics.

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