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Three instalments from the Belfast Telegraph, March and April 1925

Bunty and her Bus was a daily strip by H. O. Batho that ran in the Nottingham Journal from 31 July to 27 February 1925. Bunty was a spoiled young flapper who was given a car by her father for her birthday, and the strip was a mix of motoring jokes and situational comedy involving Bunty and her family, friends and suitors. It was reprinted, re-titled Bunty and the Car, in the Belfast Telegraph from 5 February to 3 July 1925.

It is an unusually sophisticated strip, drawn in a semi-realistic style and framed and staged almost cinematically, with varied, three-dimensional settings, moving points of view and lots of medium close-ups, at a time when most newspaper strips were staged like music hall acts, with the characters seen almost exclusively in full figure from the front against a simple backdrop. When it ended, it was replaced in the Nottingham Journal with the more traditionally-staged, and less demanding, Father and the Family, which Batho drew in a looser, more cartoony style for almost four years.

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