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Good luck with that.

One of the signature strips of anarchic 1980s comic Oink!, Jeremy "Banx" Banks' "smelly alien" Burp possessed two major qualities: the naive charm of the stranger abroad, and an arsenal of gross bodily functions that ensured he remained that way. Forever trying to reach out to the people of Earth, his well-meaning acts of altruism tended to be less welcome than he'd hoped, given that they tended to involve the removal of his internal organs, which could exist independently of him and even think and talk for themselves.

Later strips moved away from the Burp-grosses-out-the-Earthlings formula and explored the implications of his bizarre biology further (in one surreal story, his liver was discovered to be living a double-life as a criminal mastermind, and the 1989 Oink annual revealed that Burp's people have a symbiotic relationship with a species of small furry things which trigger puberty when swallowed alive) or showed Burp building technologically advanced inventions which inevitably failed to work as planned.

Burp's first appearance was in the free pre-launch preview issue of Oink! and his last regular appearance was in issue #62. Burp (and Banx) did not appear in the comic's final six monthly issues.