Castle of Death is a strip which appeared in the 1986 holiday special of short-lived horror anthology comic Scream!

Plot Edit

Two young brothers, Pete and Bob are apparently attempting to sneak into an abandoned castle one night in order to try and get a look at the ghost of a medieval knight reputed to haunt the battlements.

Whilst climbing the stairs, Pete was grabbed by what he thought was the ghost, but was in fact a local pest exterminator who chased them up to the battlements, trying to warn the boys that the stonework up there was rotten. Believing that the ghost was out to get them, the two children dislodged some of the masonry, and seemingly fell to their deaths.

Later, after having phoned the police, the exterminator and the officers could find no trace of the boys, and the only fallen stonework appeared to have lain there for several months. The officers told the tradesman the story of two brothers by the names of Bob and Pete - which he had heard the boys refer to each other as - who had fallen from the castle battlements months before, before departing the scene

In the last panel, the boys were seen to be approaching the castle again the following night, an action which their untimely deaths had doomed them to repeat for all eternity!

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