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"Spadger's Isle" on the cover of The Wizard, 1942

Charles Henry "Chick" Gordon was born in Poplar, London, in the first quarter of 1884. His father, Thomas, was a customs clerk, and his mother, Minnie, was a music teacher.

He moved to Dundee, and joined DC Thomson as a staff artist in 1922. He drew the one-panel cartoon "Cheery Chinks" (1922) for The Rover, and the adventure strip "Spadger's Isle" (1930-50) for The Wizard, which was the paper's cover feature during the Second World War. Other serials and comic strips he illustrated included:

  • "Folks of the Mulligan Mansions" for The Family Star
  • "Polly's Pup" (1924) and "Bessie's Brain" (1924) for Storyland for Girls
  • "The Skyrocket Rovers" (1931) for Adventure
  • "PC 99" (1933) for The Rover
  • "Bamboo Town" (1937-44), "Captain Cutlass" (1944) and "Bouncing Billy Balloon" (1948) for The Dandy
  • "Hooky's Magic Bowler Hat" (1938-40), "Little Peanut's Page of Fun" (1938-40) and "The Pranks of Peanut" (1939) for The Beano

He died in Dundee on 9 May 1952. His younger brother Jack was also a DC Thomson staff artist.


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