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Chums was a boys' weekly story paper started in 1892 by Cassell and Company, apparently modelled on — and in competition for readers with — the Boy's Own Paper, having articles and stories covering various topics. It was the official paper of the British Boy Scouts and National Naval Cadets. Together Chums referred to them as "Chums United Service.

It launched with a serial, "For Glory and Renown", by D. H. Parry and articles on football training, Harrow School, and Julius Caesar in Britain. Initially Chums had problems gaining readers but two serials, "The Iron Pirate", by first editor Max Pemberton in 1892, and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1894, pushed the paper into some success.

While initial published as a weekly paper, a monthly edition was issued collecting all the weekly issues, with the exception of an eight page article insert that was only included in the weekly, with a colour cover and a colour print.

The Amalgamated Press bought Chums in January 1927 and continued publishing it as a weekly. With the 2 July 1032 issue 2077, its publishing schedule was reduced to monthly. The last monthly issue was in July 1934 and it became an annual publication issued in September. The serial ceased publication with its 9 September 1941 issue due to paper shortages.

Writers who worked for the paper included Harry Blyth. Artists who contributed included René Bull, Fred Bennett, C. H. Chapman, George Davey, Roland Davies and George H. Blow.