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Combat Colin is a strip written and illustrated by Lew Stringer, which has appeared as a backup strip for various other publications.


The strip focuses on “Combat” Colin Doobrey-Smiff, an overweight, dim-witted survival nut deemed to stupid to be accepted into the Army. He lives at home with his parents, and possesses an arsenal of heavy weapons with which he fights a variety of costumed super-villains from out of his headquarters The Combat Shed, a small outbuilding in his back garden. Later strips also incorporated his sidekick Semi-Automatic Steve on a regular basis, the pairs’ girlfriends The Giggly Sisters, and a series of recurrent foes such as Madprof, Megabrain and Dr. Nasty.

Publication History[]

Starting it’s life as a short filler piece for Marvel UK’s Action Force comic, Combat Colin then moved over to the company’s sister publication The Transformers for a highly successful run. The popularity it achieved in The Transformers allowed the strip to expand to full-page presentations, and give the characters multi-issue adventures with proper character development, rather than the simple quarter-page one-offs which it had previously comprised. However, the company’s decision to remove all humorous content from the title resulted in Combat Colin being dropped, whereupon the rights for the character were transferred to creator Lew Stringer, who kept the character alive by intermittently featuring him as a supporting strip in other small and limited-run publications.

Until 2010, Combat Colin lived on as a supporting character in Lew Stringer’s Batman spoof strip Brickman, which itself functioned as a backup feature in Image Comics’ Elephantman title, also written and illustrated by Stringer.

Since 2010, Combat Colin has featured in online comic presentation Aces Weekly, and has had several physical releases reprinting his old 80s adventures in special collected comics.