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Cor!! issue 1, 1970

Cor!! was a children's humour weekly launched by IPC on 6 June 1970, edited by Bob Paynter. It ran until 27 June 1974, when it was merged into Buster. Annuals and summer specials continued to be published intil 1986.

Strips included:

  • "Andy's Ants"
  • "Chalky"
  • "Donovan's Dad"
  • "Fiends And Neighbours", (later reprinted in Scream! comic)
  • "Football Madd"
  • "Frankie Stein" by Ken Reid, formerly in Wham!
  • "The Gasworks Gang"
  • "The Goodies", based on the TV show, drawn by Joe Colquhoun
  • "Gus Gorilla", drawn by Mike Lacey
  • "Hire a Horror"
  • "Ivor Lott and Tony Broke"
  • "Jack Pott"
  • "Jasper the Grasper" by Ken Reid, formerly in Wham!
  • "Jelly Baby"
  • "Kid Chameleon"
  • "Little Geyser"
  • "Night Mare"
  • "The Robot Maker" by Ken Reid
  • "Swopper Stan"
  • "The Slimms"
  • "Tell-Tale Tess"
  • "Teacher's Pet"
  • "Tomboy"
  • "Tricky Dicky"
  • "Whacky"
  • "Willy Worry"


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