Take a Break's Cosmic was a shortlived monthly comic magazine published by H. Bauer beginning in 1997. The first issue was a free promotional copy, numbered 0, given away with Take a Break; issue 1 followed on 17 July.[1] It featured a mix of comics, educational features, activities, competitions, humour pieces (such as issue 4's spoof interview with Darth Vader) and puzzles; unusually, most of the puzzles were worked into the comic strips. Later issues featured pop stars on the covers and downplayed the comic material.[2]

The main strip was "Captain Cosmic", a space opera parody. Acting as back-up feature was "Taliska's Travels in Time", about an adolescent girl's romps through history. Both strips were provided by writer Guy Campbell and illustrator Paul Moran.

The characters were re-used after Cosmic's demise, with the good Captain getting his own book in 1999 and appearing in Take a Puzzle the following year, while Taliska's adventures were reprinted in the Sainsbury's tie-in Kid's Stuff.[1][3]

Some online sources incorrectly state that Cosmic began in 1999, probably confusing the original monthly with the subsequent Adventures of Captain Cosmic book.


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