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Cracker was a weekly comic published from 1975 to '76 by DC Thomson. Comic historian Graham Kibble-White has described it as having "carved out a niche for itself by being ever-so-slightly wackier than its rivals".[1] It lasted eighty-seven issues before merging into The Beezer, and was hosted by a character named Sammy.

Features included...

  • "The Astro-Nuts" (Alan Rogers)
  • "Big-Head Branny" (first appeared in issue 1)
  • "Billy the Kid and Pongo" (first appeared in issue 1, Gordon Bell)
  • "Curly's Commandos"
  • "Dunder Ed" (Phil Millar)
  • "Fiends Beans" (Gordon Bell)
  • "Hector the Collector" (John Aldrich)
  • "Iron Hand" (Paddy Brennan)
  • "Jimmy Jest" (issues 38-87)
  • "Joe Soap" (John Dallas)
  • "Little 'Orror"
  • "Mad Ads" (first appeared in issue 1)
  • "The Nutters" (first appeared in issue 1, John Geering)
  • "Rip Van Tinkle"
  • "Scrapper" (first appeared in issue 1)
  • "Simple Spyman" (first appeared in issue 1, Bill Ritchie)
  • "Skooldaze" (first appeared in issue 1)
  • "Slojak"
  • "Spookie Cookie" (first appeared in issue 1)
  • "Spookum School" (Ken Harrison)
  • "Wonder Wellies" (Andrew Christine)
  • "Young Foo: The Kung Fu Kid" (first appeared in issue 1, Brian Platt)


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