Leno magazine

Issue 1

Dan Leno's Comic Journal was a comic paper founded by, and based on, music-hall comedian Dan Leno. It was launched by C. Arthur Pearson on 26 February 1898 and ran until 2 December 1899. Leno had full editorial control and wrote most of the strips, with art by Tom Browne, Frank Holland and Charles Genge, among others.

The paper relied on slogans, including "One Touch of Leno Makes the Whole World Grin" and "Won't wash clothes but will mangle melancholy". The cover always showed a caricature of Leno and his editorial staff at work and play. Inside, the features included "Daniel's Diary", "Moans from the Martyr", two yarns, a couple of dozen cartoons and "Leno's Latest – Fresh Jokes and Wheezes Made on the Premises".

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