David Hunt joined Fleetway in 1961, working on Cowboy Picture Library and Lone Rider Picture Library, before Tiger editor Derek Birnage brought him onto his title. His first job as editor was on the football comic Scorcher from 1970 until it merged with Tiger in 1975. He was then recruited by editorial director John Sanders to edit Battle Picture Weekly, which had been developed by Pat Mills, John Wagner and Gerry Finley-Day. He stayed there for four and a half years, assisted by Steve MacManus, although in 1979 he played a supervisory role on a new title, Tornado, which was Richard Burton's first editorial role.

In 1980 he tranferred to a new football title, Top Soccer, which only lasted four months. He was replaced as editor of Battle by Terry Magee. He and Barrie Tomlinson then relaunched Eagle in 1982. In 1988 Eagle, Roy of the Rovers and Hotshot were contracted out to a new company formed by Tomlinson, CES, and Hunt transferred there. In 1993 he went back in-house at IPC to relaunch Roy of the Rovers. After that he went freelance again, working on licensed titles like Zig & Zag, The Flintstones and Bugs Bunny. He edited A Tribute to Roy of the Rovers and various football-related publications, including Match of the Day annuals and matchday programmes for West Ham United FC.


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