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Debbie was a weekly girls' comic published from 1973 to 1983 by DC Thomson. In 1978 Spellbound merged into it; on 22 January 1983, following its five hundred and thirteenth issue, Debbie merged into Mandy.[1]

Strips included...

  • "The Circus Slave"
  • "Cat's Eye Cottage" (first appeared in 1979)
  • "The Dark Days of Dorcas"
  • "Debbie Dean: The Little Beauty Queen" (first appeared in issue 1)
  • "Jane Green's Schooldays" (first appeared in 1979)
  • "A Horse for Hattie" (first appeared in 1979)
  • "Lisa the Lonely Ballerina" (Geoff Jones)
  • "Marsalla of the Mists" (John Woods)
  • "Mary Brown's Schooldays"
  • "The Randell Road Girls"
  • "The Rival O'Rileys"
  • "Supercats" (Badia)
  • "Superstitious Cindy"
  • "Trixie's Treasure Chest" (Robert MacGillivray)
  • "We'll Show Those Boys!"


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