Dick Brook was an artist who mainly drew for small publishers in the late 1940s and early 50s. For Scion he drew "Percy's Magic Penny" (1948) in Big Chuckle, "Cunning Claude" (1948) in Big Slide and "Handy Harry" (1949) in Big Combat. For Paget he drew "The Candy Kids" (1948) in Paget's Funny Cuts, "Crack Pot Ltd" (1949) in Paget's Happy Laughs and "Our Wally" (1949) in Paget's Tuppenny. For Martin & Reid he drew ""Gertie the Guide" (1948) in Merry-Go-Round, "Sammy Skate" (1948) in Merry Moments, and "Wibble and Wobble" (1949) in Jolly Chuckles. For John Matthew he drew "Tenderfoot Ted" (1947) in Funny Tuppenny. He wrote and drew Comical Snips (1947) for Modern Fiction. He did a little work for the Amalgamated Press, including "Tick, Doughnut, Brainy and Smiler" (1950) for Jingles.


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