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Cecil Langley Doughty cover, probably from Thriller Picture Library

Dick Turpin, the notorious 18th century highwayman, has appeared fairly regularly in British comics.

  • Knock-Out included at least two Dick Turpin serials: "Dick Turpin's Ride to York", written by Leonard Matthews and drawn by D. C. Eyles in issues 490-498 (1948), and "Breed of the Brudenels" by Matthews and H. M. Brock in issues 564-584 (1949-50).
  • In 1979 a Dick Turpin strip, based on the then-current ITV series starring Richard O'Sullivan, appeared in Look-In, written by Angus Allan and drawn by Martin Asbury.
  • In more recent years Time Bomb Comics have published Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead (2008), written by Steve Tanner and drawn by Andy Dodd, and Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague (2011), written by Tanner and drawn by Graham Howard.