Edwin Charles Tubb was born in Marylebone, London, on 15 October 1919. He is best known as a prolific writer of pulp science fiction. His first short story was published in New Worlds magazine in 1951, and he soon became a full time writer, contributing prolifically to various science fiction magazines, and editing Authentic Science Fiction for two years. He used a variety of pseudonyms, some of them "house" names shared with other writers. He wrote over 140 novels, including the 33-book Dumarest Saga series (1967-85), and the 17-book Cap Kennedy series (1973-83) under the pseudonym Gregory Kern. Outside science fiction, he wrote 11 western novels, a detective novel and a Foreign Legion novel. In the 1960s he wrote war comics for Commando, Combat Picture Library, War Picture Library, Air Ace Picture Library, Battle Picture Library, War at Sea Picture Library and Thriller Picture Library. He died in London on 10 September 2010, aged 90.


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