Eduardo Teixeira Coelho was born on Terceira Island, the Azores, on 4 January 1919. He moved to mainland Portugal and began working as a comics artist in 1936, and most notably for the magazine Mosquito from 1943. He lived and worked in São Paulo, Brazil, in the early 1950s, where he taught at the Pan-American School of Art. In 1955 he moved to France, where he drew "Ragnar le Viking" for Vaillant, among others.

He worked in British comics in the late 50s and early 60s, beginning with "Bowmen of King Harry" for The Comet (1955-56). He provided illustrations for fairy tales in Playhour and a series of spin-off books (1956-62) and drew Robin Hood stories for Thriller Picture Library (1956-58) and the Robin Hood Annual for 1957.

He continued to work in French comics until the 80s, and moved to Italy and produced work in Italian comics in the 90s. He died in Florence on 31 May 2005.


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