Webb punch cartoon.jpg
Cartoon from Punch, 1906

Ernest Reuben Webb was born in Cheltenham, Gloucester, in the fourth quarter of 1869, the son of a grocer. He started out following his father's business, but by 1901 was working as a commercial artist. He drew comics for the Amalgamated Press in the early 20th century, including "Slippery Sam and Wily Willie" (1901) for Halfpenny Comic, "Sham Poo and his Magic Wand" (1908) for Butterfly, "Sergeant Slim" (1911) for Puck, "Dr Dobbin" (1912) for Lot-o'-Fun, "Marzi-Pan the Magician" (1914) for Rainbow, and "Professor Pip" (1916) for Firefly. He also drew cartoons for Punch. He died in Cheltenham in the third quarter of 1951.


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