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'Fairy Grotto was a strip in The Beezer and Topper, first appearing in issue 35 (19th My 1991) and appearing in the Topper section of the comic. It was drawn by Barry Glennard.

The strip was about a boy and his grotty-looking (hence the name) fairy godmother. The stories often involved wishes that would go wrong. (For example, in one strip the boy wishes to be a dog only to be caught by a dog-catcher).

The strip was always a one page strip and appeared in black and white with the exception of two issues. Fairy Grotto's last strip appeared in the penultimate issue of The Beezer and Topper (issue 152- 18th August 1993). It did not carry over to The Beano or The Dandy nor did it appear in any of the Topper annuals.