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Fantastic was a weekly superhero comic published by Odhams from 1967 to 1968.

Fantastic was the fourth title in Odhams' "Power Comics" line, the first three being Wham!, Smash! and Pow!. But while those contained a mixture of traditional British humour strips and reprints of American superhero comics (mostly from Marvel), Fantastic consisted almost entirely of Marvel material: in particular, Thor, Iron Man and X-Men.

It did, however, feature an original adventure strip in "The Missing Link", drawn by Luis Bermejo and starring a character who strongly resembled the Incredible Hulk. In the eighth issue of Fantastic the strip was retooled as "Johnny Future", with the caveman-like Link being artificially evolved by radiation into a more conventional caped superhero.[1]

In 1968 Terrific, the fifth and final Power Comics title, merged into Fantastic to form the attractively titled Fantastic and Terrific. later that year, after 89 issues, Fantastic merged into Smash!.