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Film Fun was a comic published by Amalgamated Press (later Fleetway) featuring the exploits of various comic actors. It ran from 1920 to 1962.[1] It was launched by Fred Cordwell, and spawned two sister titles - Radio Fun, and the rather less successful TV Fun.

In 1961 it underwent a bit of a revamp, retitled Film Fun and Thrills to emphasise that it was now running adventure strips. Reprints of American Disney comics also found their way into the comic.[1]

Film Fun lasted for a total of 2225 issues before eventually merging into Buster in 1962.[2][3]

Strips included...

  • "Abbott and Costello" (G. W. Wakefield, Walter Bell)
  • "The Adventures of Winkle, The Pathe Mirth Wizard"
  • "Buck Jones"
  • "Bruce Forsyth"
  • "Bud & Lou"
  • "Buster Keaton"
  • "Donald Duck"
  • "Harold Lloyd"
  • "Joe E. Brown"
  • "Laurel and Hardy"
  • "Lucky Luke" (Maurice de Bevere and René Goscinny)
  • "Lupino Lane"
  • "Niblo Nibbs" (Eric Roberts)
  • "Old Mother Riley"
  • "Popeye" (Elsie Segar)
  • "Schnozzle"
  • "Scoop Donovan" (Geoff Campion)
  • "Sydney Howard"
  • "Tim McCoy"
  • "Tommy Cooper"
  • "Tony Hancock" (written by Nobby Clark)
  • "Wheeler & Woolsey"


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