Hump 01

Frank Humphris, 1961

Frank Humphris (b. 31 March 1911; d. March 1993) studied at Gloucester College of Art, and worked as a painter and illustrator until the Second World War, when he served as a cartographer in the War Office. He ammassed a collection of vintage western gear and antique guns, and became a specialist in western comics. In 1952, living in Teddington, Middlesex, he took over the Eagle's "Riders of the Range", which he drew until 1962. He later drew "The Devil's Henchmen" for the Eagle, and produced illustrations for other magazines. He created "Gun Lore" in Boy's World, then returned to Eagle to draw "Blackbow the Cheyenne". He left comics in the 1970s to concentrate on painting and writing.


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