Frank Stuart Pepper (b. Romford, Essex, 8 February 1910, d. Truro, Cornwall, 13 September 1988) wrote for story papers and comics for many years, under his own name and the pseudonym Hal Wilton.

He started out as an office boy working for Arthur Mee on The Children's Newspaper and The Children's Encyclopedia from 1926 to 1931. By 1930 he was freelancing articles for other papers, and soon after that started writing fiction serials, including the weekly adventures of twins "Bill and Jill" for The Children's Newspaper. Other serials he created include "Rockfist Rogan", an RAF pilot and champion boxer (1938-60), and football star "Danny of the Dazzlers", both for The Champion, and "Peter Farrell" for Triumph.

In comics, he co-created space hero "Captain Condor", with artist Ronald Forbes, for Lion in 1952, and football hero "Roy of the Rovers", with Joe Colquhoun, for Tiger in 1953, but only wrote the first four episodes. After that, Colquhoun wrote it, under the name Stewart Colwyn, from Pepper's outline.

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