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"Chowgli and Stripes", Illustrated Chips, 1899-1901

Frank Wilkinson drew comics at the turn of the 20th century. Strips he drew included "Comic Cuts Colony" (1894) in Comic Cuts and The Funny Wonder, "Chowgli and Stripes" (1899-1901) for Illustrated Chips and "Jones" (1905) for The Big Budget. He occasionally drew his characters breaking through the panel borders, and both "Comic Cuts Colony" and "Chowgli and Stripes" featured black characters depicted in stereotypical fashion, although the humour was not "as repugnant as similar fare from most other racial-stereoty[p]ing comics". Chowgli, an African take-off The Jungle Book's Mowgli, was British comics' first black lead.

Clark thinks he may have been related to Tom or Ernest Wilkinson. However, it has been impossible to identify him from census records as yet.


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