Funny Cuts was a weekly comic published by Trapps Holmes and Company. It was launched on 12 July 1890 as a competitor to Alfred Harmsworth's Comic Cuts. After 958 issues it was relaunched from issue 1 on 17 November 1908, and ran a further 608 issues until 3 July 1920. Trapps Holmes went out of business not long after the First World War, and the Amalgamated Press continued publishing it until the final issue. Editors included Gordon Phillip Hood and H. J. Drane. Strips included "The Three Beery Bounders" (1897-1900), "The Twickenham Twins" (W. F. Coles, 1903-1905, "Wimble's Reminoosances" (A. H. Clarke, 1904), "Nobbler and Jerry" (Charles Genge, 1908-1912), "Parker PC" (Will Spurrier, 1910) and "Bounderby Bounce" (Charles Genge, 1915-18).

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