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"Little Tuff Guy", Monster, 1939

G. Larkman was an artist who drew comics in the 1920s and '30s. strips he worked on include:

  • "Freddy Freckles" (1926) for Lot-o'-Fun
  • "Tom Pepper" (1926) for The Butterfly
  • "Sonny" (1929) for Tiger Tim's Weekly
  • "Wu-Wu and his Wand" (1929) for Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue
  • "Wee Jock and Doris" (1930) for The Joker
  • "Picky Dobbs" (1933) for the Boys' and Girls' Daily Mail
  • "PC Bee" (1933) for The Dazzler
  • "Bill Stickers" (1934) for The Chuckler
  • "Kiddies of OK Ranch" (1936) for The Holiday Comic
  • "Good Turns" (1938) for The Christmas Holiday Comic
  • "Little Tuff Guy" (1939) for Monster


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