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Daily Mirror Book of Garth, 1975, cover art by Frank Bellamy

Garth was a daily science fiction strip that ran in the Daily Mirror from 24 July 1943 to 22 March 1997, and syndicated in various countries. Created by artist Steve Dowling and writer Gordon Boshell, the strip followed the immensely strong hero's adventures through various locations and time periods.

After Boshell's initial input, Dowling wrote the early episodes himself until a new writer, Don Freeman, was found. John Allard and Dick Hailstone assisted Dowling on the art. Freeman gave the amnesiac shipwrecked strongman a more elaborate backstory, including many previous incarnations throughout history, and a scientist sidekick, Professor Lumiere, whose magic word "Karma" allowed Garth to jump bodies at the point of death. Harry Harrison wrote some early strips, and Peter O'Donnell wrote it from 1953 to 1966 and gave the character an immortal lover, Astra. Dowling retired from drawing the strip in 1968 and handed it over to Allard, who drew it until 1971, when Frank Bellamy took over drawing the strip from scripts by Allard and Jim Edgar. After Bellamy's death in 1976, he was replaced by Martin Asbury, who drew it until its final episode in 1997, writing some of the scripts himself. Other writers who worked on the strip at various times include Angus Allan, Hugh McClelland and Philip Harbottle.

A new Garth strip ran on the Daily Mirror website beginning 13 August 2008, drawn by Huw J. Davies. Since 2011 the site had been running reprints of Frank Bellamy's run.


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