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Garth Ennis (b. 16 January 1970) grew up in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland reading Battle Picture Weekly and 2000 AD. He attended Sullivan Upper School in Holywood, an outspoken atheist in a school dominated by evangelical Christianity, where he first experimented with creating his own comics, drawing the violent, blackly humorous strip "Sith Ifrica" and sharing it with friends. He studied English Literature at Queen's University, Belfast, but dropped out during his first year to write comics for Fleetway's politically-aware, mature readers' anthology Crisis.

His first series was "Troubled Souls" in 1989, examining Northern Ireland's "troubles", with painted art by John McCrea. A comedy sequel, "For a Few Troubles More", followed, as did "True Faith", which satirised Christianity and his schooldays, including a character looking to hold God to account and references to popular movie tough-guys, themes he would later return to. In 1990 he began writing for 2000 AD, starting with time travel comedy "Time Flies", and taking over as regular writer on Judge Dredd for three years.

The following year he broke into American comics, writing DC's horror title Hellblazer for four years, and their comedy-horror title The Demon for three. On the former he established a creative partnership with artist Steve Dillon, which continued into their original series Preacher, a riotous contemporary western about a disillusioned Texan minister, possessed by the offspring of an angel and a demon, hunting down God to hold him to account for abandoning his creation, and advised by the ghost of John Wayne. On The Demon, Ennis and artist John McCrea created Hitman, a super-powered Irish-American contract killer, who got his own series from 1996 to 2001.

Starting in 2001, Ennis became the regular writer on Marvel's vigilante character The Punisher, which he wrote on and off in various formats until 2009. Inspired by the comics of his childhood, he has written a number of war comics, including revivals of aviators Enemy Ace, Battler Britton and The Phantom Eagle and sci-fi aviator Dan Dare, and his original series War Story and Battlefields. His character Kev Hawkins, a hapless former SAS corporal, has stumbled through several spin-offs of The Authority.

In 2006 he launched The Boys, an ongoing satirical series about a team of US government agents who control and, if necessary, eliminate super-heroes. His most recent creation is the housewife-cum-vigilante Jennifer Blood, launched in 2011. His comics are characterised by black humour, violence, profanity, macho sentimentality and a fascinated scepticism towards religion, and are strongly influenced by action cinema, from John Wayne and Clint Eastwood to Quentin Tarantino and John Woo, as well as the laconic style of comics writer John Wagner. He lives in New York.


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  • The Midnighter, art by Chris Sprouse, DC Comics, 2007
  • Dan Dare, art by Gary Erskine, Virgin Comics, 2007-2008
  • The Boys, art by Darick Robertson and others, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, 2007-
  • War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle, art by Howard Chaykin, Marvel Comics, 2008
  • Back to Brooklyn, co-written by Jimmy Palmiotti, art by Mihailio Vukelic, Image Comics, 2008
  • Crossed, art by Jacen Burrows, Avatar Press, 2008-2009
  • Battlefields, art by Russell Braun, Peter Snejberg, Carlos Ezquerra, P. J. Holden, Dynamite Entertainment, 2009-2010
  • Jennifer Blood, art by Adriano Batista, Dynamite Entertainment, 2011

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