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Geoffrey Bond (1920-2009) was a writer for the Eagle, Girl and Swift.

Born in Eltham, he left school at 17 and played with a touring band until the second world war broke out. He enlisted with the army, but was invalided out, and returned to playing with the Sandy Powell Roadshow, for which he also wrote sketches. He went to South Africa in 1947, where he made his debut as an actor, and joined the BBC Repertory Drama Company on his return to England in 1949, appearing on radio and in films. He also wrote for radio.

In 1951 he was invited to write for the Eagle, and submitted "Luck of the Legion", a French Foreign Legion series. Beginning in May 1952, it ran in the centre pages, drawn by Martin Aitchison, and was a hit, running for nearly ten years and spawning a series of novels. Under the pseudonym Alan Jason he wrote comic strip biographies of Baden Powell and Abraham Lincoln, both drawn by Norman Williams. He also wrote "For Bravery", drawn by Cyril Holloway.

For Girl he wrote "Claudia of the Circus", drawn by T. S. La Fontaine, and "The Untold Arabian Nights", drawn by C. L. Doughty, and for Swift he wrote "Arty and Crafty", drawn by Aitchison.

After a period working in broadcasting in Rhodesia (from 1965) and New Zealand, Bond returned to England in 1989. In 1995 he read an article about the Eagle in the Daily Telegraph, and contacted the Eagle Times. He was invited to the Eagle Times's annual dinner in 1996. In 1998 he and Martin Aitchison crated on a new comic strip, "Justin Tyme - ye Hapless Highwayman", which appeared in the Eagle Times for five years (for the last two years, written by Bond's son Jim).

He died after a long illness on 27 December 2009.

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