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"Peggie, Peter and Nunky Noah", Fairyland Tales, 1924-39

George H. Jones drew for comics published by Trapps Holmes and Company, including Funny Cuts ("Onslow Slugg", "Claude the Fat Cop", "Sam and Tom!, all 1918) and Picture Fun ("Quips the Clown" and "Jackie Sharp", both 1919); the Amalgamated Press, including Tiger Tim's Weekly ("Funny Folks' Cottage", 1921), Playtime ("Teddy and Tilda", 1927) and Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue ("The Mouse Boys", 1931); and John Leng, including Fairyland Tales ("Peggie, Peter and Nunky Noah" (1924-39) and Children's Holiday Fun (1927). He also worked for The Boys' and Girls' Daily Mail in 1933.


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