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GoodCopBadCop (also rendered Good Cop Bad Cop) is a small-press comic series created by writer Jim Alexander. The main character is a Glaswegian police detective named Brian Fisher who has a Jekyll-and-Hyde like split personality.

The first issue of GoodCopBadCop was published in 2012 and was drawn by Garry McLaughlin;[1] the second issue, which was also billed as issue 1, was published March 2013 and was illustrated by Luke Cooper. Its cover bore the logo of Planet Jimbot, Alexander's small press label.[2] In 2014 Rough Cut Comics published a trade paperback edition which collected both issues along with new material drawn by Will Pickering.[3] GoodCopBadCop: Casebook#1, published by Rough Cut Comics, won the 2014 True Believers (Eagle) Award for Best British B/W Comic-book. Rough Cut released GoodCopBadCop: Casebook#2 in November 2014 with all new artwork from Luke Cooper and Will Pickering.