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Guido Buzzelli was born in Rome on 27 July 1927, the son of a painter. He joined Rino Albertarelli's studio and started work drawing comics for the magazine Zorro in the 1950s. He moved to England in 1954, where he drew the strip Angelique for the Daily Mirror for several years. He also drew for the Amalgamated Press's Thriller Picture Library, drawing The Three Bravos, Robin Hood and Battler Britton, and DC Thomson's The Hotspur, drawing "Castaway".

He returned to Italy in 1960, and became well-known in the Italian and French comic markets for his comics mixing political themes with dreamlike settings. He was awarded the Yellow Kid Prize for best author-illustrator in 1973, and the Crayon D'Or in 1979. He died in Rome on 25 January 1992.


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