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Henry Louis Diamond was born in Bristol in the third quarter of 1904, the son of an Iron Moulder.

He drew postcards, and got work in comics from 1926, drawing "Ginjor the Turk" and "Rose Budd" for Butterfly, and "The Tomboy Two" and "Wild West Wally" for Comic Cuts. In the 1930s he drew comic strips for DC Thomson's story paper The Rover, and drew "Mickey Midge the Merry Midget" for Provincial Comics' The Midget (1931-) and also drew for the same company's Sparker.

In 1933 he set up his own comics publishing company, Target Publications, based in Bath. Comics he published included The Rattler (1933), The Dazzler (1933), Chuckler (1934), Target (1935, the first issue of which he drew entirely himself), Rocket (1935), Sunshine (1938) and The Bouncer (1939), as well as Ovaltiney's Own Comic, a supplement given away with several of his titles. He was still working in the early 1950s, and died in Bath in the fourth quarter of 1966.


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