Katie country mouse

"Katie Country Mouse", Jack and Jill, 1964-73

Harold William Tamblyn-Watts was born in Settle, Yorkshire on 5 May 1900, son of Thomas Massey Tamblyn-Watts, a Canadian electrician and author, and his Scottish wife Marion. In 1911 the family was living in Ealing, Middlesex. He was educated at Southend School of Art. He worked as a studio manager for the Emmett Group in 1935-48 before becoming a comics artist. Strips he drew include:

He also drew illustrations for for Eagle and Girl annuals, illustrated books, especially animal and nature books for young children, and exhibited watercolours. He served in both World Wars, and lived in Shirley, Corydon, where he briefly made the news when a neighbour complained about him playing the bagpipes. He died in Croydon in November 1999.


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