Farrugia War Picture Library 46

From War Picture Library No. 46, 1960

Henricus "Harry" Farrugia was born in Port Said, Egypt, on 17 May 1919, of Maltese ancestors. He was already working as an artist when he moved to the UK in 1945. He settled in London, later Chiswick, and drew mostly war comics through the Temple Art Agency.

His early work was for the Amalgamated Press, drawing "Call in the Yard" (1953), "Calling Z9" (1954), "Roaring Rails" (1956) and "Undersea Pirates" (1956) for TV Fun, and "The Fighting Seahawk" (1955), "Pirate's Gold" (1956), "Girl Behind the Gun" (1957) and "Life with the Lyons" for Radio Fun. His style was similar to that of George Heath, and the two artists alternated on "Undersea Pirates" and "Life with the Lyons". He also drew for Battle Picture Library.

In the early 1960s he started working for DC Thomson, where he drew strips such as "The One Man Army" (1961) and "The Forgotten Fourteenth" (1961) and "The Man with the Brazen Mas" (1970) for The Victor, "The Lost School" (1961) and "The Target is Toronto" (1966) for The Hotspur, and "Gibson of the Guns" (1963) and "Squadron X" (1963) for The Hornet. He continued to work for both DC Thomson and Fleetway's war libraries and Jag, until his death in a car accident near Picket Post, north of Bournemouth, Hampshire, on 28 September 1970, aged 51.


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