"Nigel Tawny, Explorer", from Zip, 1958

Harry Redvers A. Winslade, aka Redvers Blake, was born in Farnham, Surrey, on 1 December 1901. He was already working as an artist by 1919, but he doesn't seem to have worked in comics before 1950, when he started contributing illustrations to the Eagle and Rocket. Early strip work included "Judy and Pat" for Girl (1951-52) and "Don Conquest" for Mickey Mouse Monthly. In 1958 he started working for Zip with "The Brainy B's", followed later the same year by his longest running strip, "Nigel Tawny, Explorer", which moved to Swift and lasted until 1962. He also drew "The Battle Brothers" for Express Weekly. In the early 60s he illustrated the prose adventures of "Danger Man" for Express Weekly, "The Big Shot" in Valiant, and features in Boys' World. He contributed to The Hornet from its first issue in 1963, drawing dozens of strips and covers. He also drew for Diana and Wizard into the 70s. He died in Stoneleigh, Surrey, in 1980.

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