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Robo-Hunter, 2000 AD, 1982

Ian Gibson, born in 1946, made his debut as a comic artist in the fanzines Aspect and Orpheus. In 1973 he worked for House of Hammer, IPC's girls' comics, and the Bionic Woman Annual. He drew "Death Wish" for Valiant, beginning a collaboration with writer/editor John Wagner, and Death Game 1999 for Action.

When 2000 AD was launched in 1977, Gibson drew many early Judge Dredd stories, alternating with Mike McMahon and others. Wagner wrote Robo-Hunter in 1978 with Gibson in mind, although the early episodes were drawn by José Ferrer, and partly redawn by Gibson before he took over as the regular artist. He continued drawing Robo-Hunter until 1985, and Judge Dredd on a semi-regular basis, and in the mid-late 80s he drew the daily Judge Dredd strip in the Daily Star.

From 1984 to 1986 he drew three series of The Ballad of Halo Jones, starring a futuristic everywoman and written by Alan Moore. In the late 80s he painted fantasy series The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad, written by Wagner and Alan Grant, for Marvel UK's Strip.

He had some success in American comics, drawing Mr. Miracle for DC in 1989-90), Steed and Mrs Peel for Eclipse in 1990-92, Meta-4 for First Comics in 1991, Star Wars: Droids (1994-95) and Star Wars: Boba Fett (1999), the latter written by Wagner, for Dark Horse.

In 1993-94 he returned to UK comics, painting Return of the Taxidermist, written by Wagner, for the Judge Dredd Megazine, and in 1997 he painted I Was a Teenage Tax Consultant, also written by Wagner, for 2000 AD. In 2001-2002 he drew Wagner's Banzai Battalion for 2000 AD, and in 2004 he and Alan Grant revived Robo-Hunter, now starring Sam Slade's granddaughter Samantha, which ran on and off until 2007.


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