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Jag was a weekly comic published by IPC from 1968 to 1969. With a jaguar on its masthead, it served as a sister title to Lion and Tiger.

The comic had a bit of an overhaul in February 1969, lowering its paper size from tabloid format but raising the page count to 32.[1]

After lasting forty-eight issues, Jag merged into Tiger.

Features included...

  • "Black Patch: The Wonder Horse"
  • "The Castaways of Shark Island"
  • "The Daredevils" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "Football Family Robinson"
  • "The Indestructable Man" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "MacTavish and O'Toole"
  • "The Mouse Patrol" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "The Outlaws" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "Snob College" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "Story of a Star"


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