Skizz, from 2000 AD

Jim Baikie (b. Orkney, 1940) began his career illustrating Valentine for Fleetway. Over the next twenty years, he built a solid reputation working for TV comics such as Look-in, including adaptations of The Monkees and Star Trek, all scripted by Angus P. Allan. He also worked extensively in girls' comics, including Tammy and Jinty, in the 1970s. In the 1980s, he drew "Twilight World" in Warrior, "Skizz", written by Alan Moore, and "Judge Dredd", for 2000 AD, and "New Statesmen" for Crisis, as well as work in American comics, often with Moore. In the 1990s he turned to writing his own scripts on two "Skizz" sequels for 2000 AD.


  • 2000 AD
    • "Skizz", written by Alan Moore, #308-330, 1983
    • Judge Dredd: "The Switch", written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, #369, 1984
    • Judge Dredd: "Oz", written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, #546 and 569-570, 1987–1988
    • Judge Dredd: "Hitman", written by John Wagner #571-573, 1988
    • Judge Dredd: "In the Bath", written by John Wagner, #626, 1989)
    • Judge Dredd: "Little Spuggy's Xmas", written by John Wagner, #658, 1989
    • "Skizz II: Alien Cultures", script and art, #767-775, 1992
    • Tharg's Future Shocks: "Hot Iron", script and art, #797, 1992)
    • Cursitor Doom: "The Man Who Died Every Day", written by John Tomlinson, 2000 AD Action Special, 1992
    • "Skizz Book 3", script and art, #912-927, 1994–1995
    • Judge Dredd: "An Everyday Disaster", written by John Wagner, #1309, 2002


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