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Cover of a science fiction-flavoured issue.

Jinty was a weekly comic published by IPC from 1974 to 1981, edited by Mavis Miller.

Lindy merged into it in November 1975; Penny did the same in April 1980. Jinty itself merged into Tammy in 1981 after running for 393 issues.


Strips included...

  • "Angela's Angels" (Manuel Cuyàs, 1974)
  • "Clancy on Trial"
  • "Concrete Surfer" (written by Pat Mills)
  • "Dora Dogsbody" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "A Dream for Yvonne" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "Fran of the Floods"
  • "Friends of the Forest"
  • "Girl in a Bubble" (written by Pat Mills
  • "Golden Dolly, Death Dust!"
  • "Go on, Hate Me!"
  • "The Green People"
  • "The Haunting of Hazle" (Santiago Hernandez, 1975-76)
  • "The Human Zoo"
  • "Land of No Tears" (written by Pat Mills)
  • "Make-Believe Mandy" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "Merry at Misery House" (first appeared issue 1, written by Terence Magee)
  • "Miss No-Name"
  • "Pam of Pond Hill" (written by Jay Over)
  • "The Robot Who Cried" (written by Malcolm Shaw)
  • "Save Old Smokey!"
  • "The Slave of Form 3B"
  • "Slave of the Mirror"
  • "The Snobs and the Scruffs" (first appeared issue 1)
  • "A Spell of Trouble"
  • "Spirit of the Lake"
  • "Sue's Fantastic Fun-Bag!"
  • "Too Old to Cry"
  • "Wenna the Witch"
  • "Willa on Wheels"
  • "Worlds Apart"


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