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Joe 90 issue 20, 1969

Joe 90, the classic bespectacled Gerry Anderson puppet character, the youngest special agent in the world, first appeared in comics in his own title, Joe 90, launched by City Publications on 18 January 1969.

The lead strip was written by editor Alan Fennell, with some episodes written by Angus Allan, Howard Elson, Chris Spencer and Keith Watson, and mostly drawn by Watson, with some episodes drawn by Michael Strand, Martin Asbury and Rab Hamilton. It ran for 34 issues before merging into TV21, where Joe continued to appear, drawn by Michael Strand, until May 1970.

The character reappeared in Polystyle Publications' Countdown in 1971, drawn by Jon Davis and Michael Strand. His last appearance was in a text story in the 1972 Countdown annual.

In 1994 Fleetway published a new comic, also called Joe 90, reprinting old strips, but it was cancelled after only 7 issues and merged into Thunderbirds the Comic.